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Welcome to SAFE Project’s Treatment Locator.

Our goal is to help you find a set of treatment centers that are best matched to your or your loved one’s needs, as quickly as possible and in an ethical and completely independent way. We know from personal experience that a decision to seek treatment is often made in a crisis, and the last thing a substance dependent person with a substance use disorder (or his or her loved ones) need to do is waste time calling a lot of treatment centers to see if they will work.

Every person suffering from a substance use disorder has a different and unique set of characteristics that should be accounted for when seeking treatment. By the same token, every treatment center is different. Each has its own unique combination of parameters that may or may not be suitable for a particular patient.

Other treatment locators only display treatment facilities located in an area near you, and do not provide information on which facilities might be best suited for you. The facility best suited to their individual needs might be outside your local area.

Some web searches also steer potential patients towards a specific set of providers that have either paid for the emphasis or that have manipulated search criteria.

Our Treatment Locator draws individual parameters from a potential patient, and carefully protects them for privacy. Some of these parameters are fixed, such as gender, age, and location. Others are characteristics that may (or may not) apply to you and that you can weight in importance.